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Nice atoll with reef sharks around the boat. It has a small village on the main island with an airport containing a lot more of parking place as they have cars on the island.



Nice atoll with sharks and a lot of fishes. It’s the clearest water we ever have seen. From 40m deep, I saw the dinghy and snorkelers around like through a window!
Nice snorkelling around the passes. Be careful of the current by snorkelling/diving, as it don’t always match with the tide time tables!



South Pass: don’t miss a dive or snorkel with the 700 sharks counted in this pass. The corals are beautiful too. For us, it’s number one of all of our dives (Stéphane has over 1000, Laure over 500).
The pension restaurant (on the water) has wifi data to sell.

Hirifa: it’s the island on the west corner of the atoll. Its big anchorage area has only a few bummies and a good holding. We was there to shelter during a strong Maramu.
It’s a good kite and wind-surf spot. Enata Fakarava Diving, which is at the Pension Ramiti, picks you up at your boat to bring you to the south pass for 2 dives. Michel is a good guide and speeks English. The price of a dive was the same than by Tetamanu diving center (next to the pass), which is often full because of the pension customers which are mainly divers.

Rotoava: it’s the main village of the atoll, with airport and several shops.
It has several pearl farms to visit, ask a taxi service or rent a bike to go around and visit a farm.

Map from Fakarava Yacht service


About Fakarava Yacht service: Bike rental / E-bike rental / Laudry / Airport Pickup / Sail repairs / all services on request (taxi-service also). They have free internet access!

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