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Fatu-Hiva - Tahuata

Fatu Hiva

Many cruisers are tented to get there first by landing in French Polynesia. It is not a port of entry and sometimes they do controls. They sometimes give the names of the boats to the gendarmerie in Atuona and you can get fined there when you make your entry. By the way, it has no ATM on the island.

It’s good to turn clockwise around Hiva Oa and depart from the east part (Puamau Bay) to have a nice sail to Fatu Hiva.

Hanavave Bay (baie des vierges): it’s the most known from the Polynesian bays. It’s a spectacular scenery.

From there you can have a walk to a waterfall. Cross the village and ask for your way.

Some young fisherman try to sell their catch against beer. If you still want the cruisers to be welcomed in these islands, please don’t pay them with alcohol! Locals cannot handle it correctly. They drink the whole nearly in one time. If they behave bad by getting drunk, it will be “because” of the cruisers.

Hanamoenoa Bay: nice and quiet bay with a sand beach in front. Nearly every morning, manta rays swim around, mostly on the rocky bottom on the north of the bay. Do some snorkel with them.

Vaitahu Bay: it’s the main village of the island, where you find the “magasin”, a small shop. It has a small market. Near the market is a restaurant that sell some wifi.

Hanatefau Bay: or dolphin bay like locals calls it. Nearly each morning it has many dolphins (50-100), parents and babies swimming and jumping around. You can try to snorkel with them.

We met nice people in the village of Hapatoni, from there you can have a walk to Vaitahu.

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