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Raiatea - Tahaa


Shops: It has two Supermarkets in Utuora, the main “city” of the island. You can find magasins in villages around.

Wifi: it has free wifi by the market in Utuora.

Water: Fuel Station in Utuora or at the end of Faaroa Bay


Utuora: it has a trekking to do to the mountain. As it is a private place, it is closed on week-ends.

Tepua Bay:  it has a 2 mast steel wreck from 1900 to dive. You can see it in the Marine Charts.

Faaroa Bay: it has 2 moorings in the middle of the bay and 2 at the end of the bay (close to shallow water). At the end of the bay, it’s the only river from French Polynesia which is navigable. Do a ride in dinghy, kayak or paddle.
On the way, it has a farm (left side just after the botanical garden), he is very kind and happy to show his plantation and make you to try some fruits. He also sells fruits and veggies.

Opoa Bay: There is Taputapuatea the most famous Marae from all Polynesia. Important Maohis came even from New-Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Islands for ceremonies. Don’t miss the small trek bringing to a nice view point over the Marae.

Naonao Bay: is in the south of the island. The motu (island) near the pass is private. West of the island, it has a sort of pool between the reefs where 2-3 boats can anchor. It has moorings in the bay just north of it.

Vaiaeho Bay: it has 2 moorings north of the Toamaro Island. Some goes there to make some surf in the pass. From there you can dinghy to Tetooroa Bay, where the trekking to the mountain starts.


It’s the only island we can navigate around without getting out of the lagoon.

Water: ask in Tapuamu Bay at the man who comes to pick up the money for the buoy.

Hurepiti Bay (south-west side): it has moorings belonging to a vanilla farm. Usually the moorings (with the visit of the farm) has to be reserved before to go.

Tapuamu Bay (west side): it has 3 moorings which costs 15USD/night. There you can visit 2 rum factories.

Mana’o rum is made with bio sugar canes. Actually they distil in Tahiti, but they are moving the production over there. You can taste some rum and even coral sand wine from Rangiroa (Tuamotu).

Pari Pari Rhum has interesting mix with vanilla or passion fruit. Next to the distillery they make coconut oil which they also mix with vanilla or other spices from their garden. They also produce Tamanu oil. It was an interesting visit as they showed us everything.

It has a path going through vanilla fields. It’s an about 1 hour walk through the land from the south-east to the north-east of the bay.

Bay just north of Tapuamu: it has 3 moorings belonging to the pearl farm which is in this bay. You can stay there free for one night, but the farm expect a visit from you. It was an interesting visit. The jewellery shop is nice, they don’t force you to buy something.

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