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Nuku Hiva and around

Nuku Hiva
Taiohae Bay: Taiohae is a port of entry, go to the Gendarmerie to do your entry.

Shops: It has several small supermarkets, left side of the dock.

Wifi: on the dock it has a restaurant having wifi and “cruisers service” which has wifi also. The bay is rolly. We heard about having some hammer head sharks at the south-west corner of the bay. Ask about it in a dive shop.
VHF: call chanel: 72
Cruisers Net: Monday-Sunday at 8:00, VHF 68
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Anaho Bay: it’s the quietest bay of the Marquesas, except by north swell. It’s a big bay with the only coral reef of the island. Please respect the non anchorage area.

Have a walk to Haatuatua Bay, short before you’ll see a farm where you can buy fruits and veggies.

Have a walk to Hatiheu Bay, you’ll pass by a beautiful view point of the Anaho Bay and meet locals going around with their horses.

The farmers of Haatuatua Bay as well as the people of the village by Anaho Bay have no other way than the small path to get to Hathieu, where they have cars. The farmers brings all their fruits and veggies by horse in Hathieu, than by car to the Taiohae market.

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Ua Pou

Hakahetau Bay: very nice scenery.

Chocolate factory: Manfred, a german guy, landed in Hakahetau and produce chocolate with his own cocoa plantation. Even the coffee and nuts he adds to certain chocolate come from his plantation. It’s one of our favourite chocolate (we’re Swiss and know chocolate). He makes dark chocolate with not too much sugar, just perfect for us.

Manfred is an interesting man, ask him how he’s doing his own electricity, he’ll be happy and proud to show you.

To get there, you’ll have to cross the village and walk through the forest, it’s about 3km from the dock.

Waterfall: halfway to the chocolate factory, you can go to a nice waterfall, where you can swim.


Vaiehu Bay: can be less rolly than Hakahetau bay. Nice place, nothing special to visit.

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Ua Huka

This island is less visited by cruisers. It is not infested by the black rat yet, help them to Keep it that way:


Vaipaee Bay: We tried first to get there, but it was too narrow for the two boats we were. It has fisherman’s mooring in the middle of the bay. It may be good to anchor with a front and stern anchor, especially with south swell.

Haavei Bay: nice anchorage, a bit swelly when we was there. We found the view of the bird island, Teuaua beautiful. We did not try to get on the beach with the swell, and we read about that the beach could be private?

Hane Bay: nice anchorage with a small village which contains a supermarket. It looks like to be the best bay for visiting the island, but not simple for getting an land, as it has no dock and always waves on the beach. Nice walk of about 30 minutes to the village of Hokatu, which has several supermarkets. 

Ask Pierette for an island tour, she's great and has a van with 8 places: Kalicy transport, +689 87 73 32 21,, Facebook: kalicy transport 

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