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Shops: in Fare, the main city just next to the pass, it has a big supermarket. It has a magasin in the village on the south (east side) of the island, close to the Marae and some small ones in the village of Haapu.

Water: you can dock in Fare, close to the blue wall “Huahine”. The diving shop there sells water.


Vaiorea Motu: it has some moorings south of the motu. The small beach there is guarded by Philippe, called Sigi. He’s kind and helpful. We cooked coco breads with him, it was delicious.

Bourayne & Maroe Bay: are two big bays separating the two Huahine islands. A bridge is in-between, where kids jumps in the water on week-ends.

Avea Bay: nice anchorage. From there you can walk around the south corner of the Island. It has a Marae to visit. Between the Marae path and the magasin, a path leads to a beautiful view point.

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