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Hiva Oa

Atuona is a port of entry. The “harbour” of Atuona is in the Tahauku Bay, which has often swell. Most of the yachts use a front and stern anchor into the bay. Respect the no anchorage area (chartered) for not being asked to change place when a cargo is coming.

It’s a long walk from the dinghy dock to the city. You can cut by passing the beach (end of the bay) and climb the small path (left side at the end of the beach) getting to the road.

Get at the Gendarmerie to make your entry, it’s 3-4 minutes’ walk after the supermarket on the right side of the road.

The supermarket drives you back to the harbour if your purchases are over a certain amount. Ask for it. It has another supermarket further away, we didn’t visit it (it was closed over lunchtime).

Wifi: It has a good free wifi at the Pizzeria which is between the village and the bay. They drives you back to the harbour if you eat there. You can also call them for a pick-up.

At the Semaphore (pointe plate) at the south-east end of the bay, you can go mornings and have a drink. The lady enter the password into your device, which is valid for 24 hours. On Wednesday evenings, she organises a potluck.

Shipshandler & Marine Service: it has a new Accastillage Diffusion shipshandler by the Marine Service by the harbour of Atuona.


Hanamenu Bay: nice and quiet bay which can be rolly sometimes. It has 2 families living there and several houses where people comes on the week-ends. To get elsewhere, they go by boat or follow a small path with horses. They have a source, ask at the family if you need some water. The man makes sculptures that he sells. He also propose goat hunting followed by a delicious “chèvre coco” lunch.
If you still want the cruisers to be welcomed in these islands, please don’t pay the sculptures or hunting with alcohol! Locals cannot handle it correctly. They drink the whole nearly in one time (even a bottle of rum). If they behave bad by getting drunk, it will be “because” of the cruisers.
The landing on the beach can be hard when it has bad waves.


Hanaiapa Bay: nice bay. The east part is rocky, the west part is sandier and has a better holding.

Manta rays are often swimming around the anchorage. Have some snorkelling on the east part of the bay, you may see them.

It has a dock on the east side with a shower where you can get water. Take a pipe with you, it will be easier. If you leave the dinghy, be sure to leave place at the dock for the locals, they use it many times a day. We put a stern anchor and tighten the dinghy on the north from the dock. Don’t forget that they have tide!

It’s a quiet village with friendly people. From there you can get a taxi.


Puamau Bay: it’s a large rolly bay. When we was there, the boat turned 90° from the waves, you can imagine how we slept. The interesting part of anchor there is for visiting the Marae which contains the biggest Tikki of French Polynesia.

Did these information help you? Offer us a drink! Thank you!