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We heard several times form other cruisers bad things about this island. We’re very happy not having listen to them, because it’s a very beautiful island we loved!

Their complain was: too expensive and touristic:
Expensive, maybe hotels and restaurants, but for cruisers, not more than other islands. The prices in the supermarket are the same than in Tahiti, we even found some souvenirs cheaper than in Tahiti.
Touristic, it is, but not worse than it is in the Caribbean.

It has several mooring fields around the island and they are revising all of them at the moment (Sept. 2019) and adding new ones, in order to protect their lagoon. Francis from Bora-Bora Mooring Service is coming by 5-6 days/week. He speaks good English and is very helpful. He collect garbage twice per week. Costs: 20USD per day, 50USD for 3days or 100 USD for a week. If you take a week, it’s not more expensive than at several other places, and for this price, you get garbage collected. This fee is valid for all the moorings around the island, so you can change location as you want.

It still have places which anchoring is tolerated, but take note than it has many submarine cables and therefore, many places which anchoring is forbidden. Around the main Island, the ground is deep and anchoring not always easy, especially when it’s windy, as it can have strong gusts.

Map from Bora-Bora Mooring Service

To go on the east part of the main island, be careful of 2 places, which you should respect the signs (red for island side, green for reef side as well as cardinal sings). It can be tricky, as some local boats sometimes go through other places, which can be too shallow for your boat. Have a good look at your chart, by Navionics it has a thin purple line marking where we should pass. When we passed, the shallowest part was 2.4 meters.

Shops: In Vaitape, the main village from Bora-Bora, you’ll find a supermarket, not far from the harbour, on the north side. On the west side of the island, we found a SuperU in a village near to the mooring field. Go direction the church you see (be careful, some places are very shallow, even for dinghy), ask around for a place you can leave your dinghy, as all the docks are private (hotels).

Wifi: Bloody Mary (south west from main island), it has some moorings in front of it.
Yacht Club (east of the main island), it has several moorings in front of it.
Iaorana Gelato in Vaitape, 10 minutes walk south from the harbour

Water: Francis and Bora-Bora Mooring Service (office by the harbour, next to the AVIS car rental) are selling water cards. 20USD (+ 10USD deposit for the card) for about 600 litres of water. You can dock with the boat next to the water pipe. The card gives also access to the garbage deposal place.
The Yacht Club also sells water, you can dock during 2 hours each morning. They are a bit more expensive (10USD for 100 liters).

Whale watching: from about June till October, a lot of humpback wales are around Bora-Bora, as the females comes here to get their calf and males to find a female. It has several persons organising whale watching excursion. We recommend you Simon from Tohora Bora Bora, he also speaks English. When a whale is around, Simon finds it! He even has a microphone to be able to listen to the singing males and therefore, to find it. We often can see them jumping out of the water or splashing their tale on the surface. When the wales are quiet enough, we even can go swimming with them! Stéphane swam with a mother and calf and could see a calf drinking milk! The next day, I swam with 6 wales and several dolphins. It was just amazing!

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